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Post-pandemic world: what awaits us in public and private spaces

There is a lot of talk about what the new normal will be in the post-pandemic world. How will cities have to adapt? The living spaces? What about our homes? We already understand that, at least for a long time, our lives will not be the same as before. Everything will pass, but it is likely that when it passes, it will be very different. The solution will be to adhere to intelligent changes. Below are some trends:


With the pandemic, our home takes on a much larger dimension, as does the importance of our neighborhood. Now, more than just a place to sleep, it is a space for all meals (something that had lost favor with modernity), work and physical exercise. We've already talked here about how to make your home more cozy. With much more time at home than before, families are creating more pleasant and functional spaces. Look here:


New concept of traveling and new protocols during travel. What should be observed, as soon as the situation calms down, are short, domestic, simpler trips. Not only for health reasons, which prevent borders from being open as before, but also for financial reasons: the crisis should hold back investment in international leisure travel for a long time. There are those who point to a growth in road tourism (car and train) instead of going to airports, known for their endless queues. In tourist cities, there is no crowding: the number of visitors controlled, spacing and hygiene measures maintained.

Open air

Before the pandemic, we were divided between the time we spent on our cell phones and other screens at home, and outside the home, when, in many moments, we were looking at our cell phones again. There is a tendency to make better use of outdoor moments, when they become more freely possible again. And, consequently, an appreciation of these meeting spaces and a closer relationship with nature.

Public spaces

Situations of large audiences and crowded places should not exist again very soon. Because of insecurity, many experts are betting that people will escape this type of situation. The events should be smaller, with a more limited audience and always broadcast online for those who still prefer to participate in this way. With the reopening of cities and their local businesses and services, focus on outdoor service, tables on the sidewalk or patio, open bars.

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