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Give life what inspires your your what your family.

Sandrin Sandrin

Specializing in custom-designed furniture since 1971, Sandrin offers personalized solutions with high technology to provide well-being and functionality to your home.

Our Essence

Sophistication and Quality

Sandrin combines industrial efficiency with the craftsmanship essence to deliver your dream space with furniture featuring sophisticated finishes and impeccable quality from execution to delivery.

Creating environments is like writing stories.
It's telling the world who we are!

Living spaces are more than walls, doors, furniture and fixtures. They are where memories are built, shared and lived.

Since 1971, Sandrin's purpose has been to capture the essence of each space, transforming it into an inspiring setting with a life of its own.

With stores and customers spread throughout Brazil and abroad, we grow and strive on a daily basis to become a benchmark for quality and innovation in the furniture market.

Every process, from inception to delivery, is meticulously planned to ensure maximum quality.

Sandrin embodies the mission of enhancing well-being, comfort and innovation to every household we serve.


Your space as it should be: unique!

Craftsmanship + Industry

The ADAPT Sandrin concept expresses a little of our tradition of creating personalized spaces that combine the artisanal care of woodworking with industrial technology.

Your space as it should be: unique!

To bring these spaces to life, we offer a wide range of finishes, MDF, over 3,200 lacquer options, natural veneers and solid wood. These materials add a touch of nature to our furniture, complemented by glass and metal in various colors and shapes, solutions combined with fully customizable furniture to create unparalleled spaces.

Commitment to Sustainability

Nature is closely linked to well-being! That's why, at Sandrin, respect and care for the environment have always been part of the practices adopted by the company. Our industrial processes are continually monitored to reduce pollutants and consumption of natural resources, in addition to a system for selective waste collection on the factory premises.

This awareness work extends to our employees, who are permanently encouraged to adopt sustainable practices. Socio-environmental issues are also part of the selection of suppliers, who are constantly qualified in terms of processes to minimize damage to the environment. We are certified for the use of recycled plastic packaging, a practice that results in several environmental and social benefits.


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