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For 45 years we have been working to bring wellness to your life. Have you ever thought about the importance of living better? We do: the way to make your day to day better, is to planning environments perfectly adaptable to you and your lifestyle. Everything we do is thinking about your relationship with the place where you work, study, live. After all, ambiances are transforming agents, directly influencing your well-being because they participate for most of your day.

However, our commitment goes beyond planning environments: everything from a totally personalized service to a punctual and efficient delivery, guaranteeing all the support and attention you deserve. To adapt is also to go further. The ADAPT Sandrin concept meets all our furniture differentials, such as Secure Shopping, to follow your order through the site; More than 3,200 colors for you to choose from, for more design customization; And modulations that perfectly adapt to the space that you have available, be it home, apartment or company.

If your relationship with the place where you live is a source of inspiration, we also need to think about the well-being of the community. Soluções Felizes is a social project carried out by us, which helps solve problems in Brazilian cities. Are there books missing in schools? Needy animals need toys and to be feed? We can all help each other and make a difference.


Well-being transforms environments.
And they transform your world.

The plant is located in Bento Gonçalves-RS,
with 17mil m² of built area.


Nature is wellness! That is why in Sandrin respect and care for the environment have always been part of the practices adopted by the company. Our industrial processes are constantly monitored for the reduction of the polluting elements and reduction of the consumption of natural resources, besides the selective collection of residues in the factory premises.

This work in awareness extends to our employees who are permanently encouraged to sustainable practices. Socio-environmental questions are also part of the selection of suppliers who are constantly qualified in relation to the processes to minimize damages to the environment. We are certified for the use of recycled plastic packaging, a practice that results in several environmental and social benefits.


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Our compromise with your well being goes beyond planing your ambiance. With the secure purchase app, you can follow your order wherever you are, by smartphone or personal computer.