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SANDRIN Entrepreneur

Invest in a successful business! Be a Sandrin Entrepreneur and get all the support
needed for your business to succeed. With over 45 years of experience,
Sandrin is a furniture company the works to improve the well being of your home.

To become our partner is to unite to a well established
brand with exclusive stores all over Brazil.

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    Excellent business opportunity.

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    Support in planning your business.

  • 03

    Custom management manual for the store.

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    Exclusive Determined Region.

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    Smart positioning in the market.

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    Sandrin Id.

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    Flexibility in the location and structure.

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    No Requirements in media investment.

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    Coorporative training programs.

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    Institutional marketing and communication.

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    Secure purchase.

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    Project flexibility.

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    5 years of warranty.

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    Adapt: Adaptable projects.

  • "We are very pleased with Sandrin. Its differentials are in quality, because the modulation is editable, causing the assembly cost to decrease, and mainly, customer satisfaction, because with editable tampons, we can order the part in the right measure that the customer needs. And it also weighs in the fact that the furnitures are 100% in MDF.
    We also want to state the human side we feel as the part of the factory. The staff are friendly and polite, always ready to greet us. This side we had not experienced in the world of the planned furniture, but at Sandrin this is possible to experience."
    Fabio and Cláudia Souza, Sandrin store in Cuiabá.

Sandrin Studio

Architectural Offices, Designers and other professionals of the area that operate in markets without the presence of Sandrin stores, can now become an exclusive channel for the region.

It is a model for the sale of planned furniture without a store.

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  • "The advantage of having a lean office to serve customers, is to be able to provide a personalized service to the client, making him feel special, creating trust and exclusivity in the service.
    The presentation of the product is done in the same way as in a store, with presentation of samples of colors and finishes.
    Having Sandrin as a partner, in the Studio Sandrin format, also gives the customer greater security and credibility because it is a reputable company in the market."
    Fernanda Castilhos and Rafael Danelus, Studio Sandrin Caxias do Sul


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